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How virtual training can help your dog



Honors social distancing.

Training from the comfort of your home  prevents the spread of germs.


Training goals and experience

  • You receive the same expertise and coaching as our in person training.
  • Receive guided step by step training.
  • Ability to watch demos with our own dogs.
  • Go at your pace.
  • We were never training your puppy, we were always coaching you!
  • You've got this and we've got you!



  • Flexible schedule.
  • Time saver: no need to travel to class.
  • Wear your PJ if you want ...
  • You get to view everything we did during our session/class later. We are here for you during and after the session/class.



  • Just as successful as in-person sessions.
  • Puppies won't miss their critical socialization periods.
  • Keep your puppy or dog from practicing unwanted behaviors.
  • Ensures your dog won't regress.
  • A well mannered family member.

Fees and Packages


Human only

Stuck at home...Group class

Initial consult 1 hour

  • Introduction to dog training, the dos and don'ts.
  • Q&A
  • Session recording.
  • $35/h


Initial consult 1 hour

Stuck at home...Group class

Initial consult 1 hour

  • After reviewing your questionnaire and your videos, we will meet and start addressing your most pressing issues and set goals.
  • Start coaching.
  • Session recording.
  • $100/h.


Stuck at home...Group class

Stuck at home...Group class

Stuck at home...Group class

  • 1 Live instruction session 60 min each, with presentation and Q&A per week.
  • Discussion and feedback.
  • Session recordings.
  • Open enrollment.
  • 4 weeks for $140.
  • 1 on 1 coaching or video review (30min for additional cost $50 each).


Custom support

Stuck at home...Private sessions

Stuck at home...Group class

  • Initial consult/goal setting.
  • Build your own schedule.
  • Short coaching sessions.
  • Video reviews.
  • Email support weekly.
  • Customized fee.


Stuck at home...Private sessions

Stuck at home...Private sessions

Stuck at home...Private sessions

  • 3 live 30min coaching sessions.
  • 1 hour live video review session.
  • Session recordings.
  • $250/week.

Payment and cancellation policies


I will do everything possible to help and support you during this frightening and disconcerting times. In order for me to help you I must ask you to prepay each sessions or packages. And as I wish to set you up for success and be there for you, there will be no cancellations but I will take in consideration payment plans and emergencies.