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Our certified trainer, Marie Selarque, will make sure that your dog is trained toward your goals every day. She specializes in service and therapy dogs, offering an extensive program to expose your dog to public access. Marie encourages training puppies from a tender age before they acquire unwanted behaviors. Although she offers private sessions for reactive/aggressive dogs, she is not accepting any reactive/aggressive dogs in her boarding programs. Dogs older than 3 months and fully vaccinated are welcome!

How our program works:


Boarding School is completely personalized for your dog. It’s based on your goals, your dog’s personality and the amount of time your dog is with us. The recommended time for an initial board and train is 21 days. During this time, we have the time to teach, reinforce and solidify skills and behaviors to a higher level. But we also have different schedules such as the 5 days with us, spend the weekend at home (very popular and effective) or any amount of time we decide upon. 
The board and train program invites the dog parent to join us in training and participate as much as they can. Transferring skills is critical for the success of the the dog.

What sets us apart?


Marie is an expert in her field. She has trained several trainers on Oahu and on the Mainland who achieve their certification with The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). She has an extensive knowledge of the canine behavior and training in fields such as behavior modification, obedience, agility, nose work, Tellington Ttouch and service and therapy dogs. As each dog is unique she can personalize the training to your dog. She believes in a kind, fun, effective training.



Boarding without any specific training but still reinforces good manners and provides physical and mental stimulation, and a daily hike/adventure $85 per calendar day.
Boarding with specific training, including the reinforcement of good manners, physical and mental stimulation, and a daily hike/adventure $150 per calendar day.
* An initial visit ($150/90min) at their home is required for new clients.



​Marie Selarque of ProDog Hawaii is an amazing trainer. Her utmost concern is training your puppy/dog in the most gentle and effective way possible. 
My puppy Chloe was a VERY nervous and shy dog. At 4 months old, Chloe attended the 3 weeks Board and Train with Marie. We were nervous and unsure if we were making the right choice, but knew we needed help for Chloe to overcome her fears while her personality was still being developed.
Marie gently worked with Chloe along with her own dog Zora. Exposing her to different sights, sounds, people and experiences. Marie never pushed Chloe beyond her comfort zone, just allowing her to progress on her own. Marie took her on hikes, the beaches, parks, and outings in the city. Into stores, banks and anywhere else dogs were allowed. 
In a week and a half her gentle approach gave Chloe the confidence to overcome her nervousness. Chloe can now walk on and off leash, whereas before she had trouble getting around (because loud noises and fast movements would scare her). 
Marie of Pro Dog Hawaii also reinforced and solidified all of Chloe's commands (sit, down, stay, recall, etc...). 
Chloe has become a very confident well mannered puppy at just 41/2 months old. It would have not been possible without Pro Dog Hawaii.
One of the best thing about Pro Dog Hawaii is that they try to keep to the routines that you had been doing at home. Chloe had a routine of sleeping in my bed and I was not sure how she would take to being away from home and not sleeping in a bed. Marie allowed Chloe to sleep with her in the bed, giving me the peace of mind knowing that she was in good hands. 
Elizabteh O.


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